February 10th, 2024


  • We're so excited to start sharing this record with you! Our first single, titled “Nothingness” will be released on March 1st! We've got a music video coming out too!
  • We'll be playing the song on The Punk Rock Review Podcast this Monday night, February 12th and talking about the new record too! Tune in here.
  • We'll be sharing snippets of the song here and there as well as playing it on a few other podcast, so stay tuned!
  • We've also started up a GoFundMe to help us get through this final stage of releasing this record! If you have a few spare bucks and wanna contribute, go here!
  • <3

February 6th, 2024


  • We've started up a GoFundMe for the final stages of production for the new record! Check it out here  . . . GOFUNDME
  • Our first single “Nothingness” is slated for release at the beginning of March. We'll have a little teaser for ya real soon!
  • Thanks, friends!

January 19th, 2024


  • Happy new year, friendos! Exciting stuff going over at camp Disaster! 
  • Our first full band show of the year, after a rather long hiatus over 2023, is with our friends in Riddlin' Kids for their reunion show! It was at Mohawk here in Austin, but due to inclement weather it has been moved to Parish, an equally awesome venue! January 20th! Get yer tickets here
  • The fellas and I are doing an acoustic set on February 22nd at Kick Butt Coffee for a tour kick-off show for our friend, Half-Man.
  • The new record is done! It's been mixed and mastered and we're wrapping up artwork so we can send it out for pressing!
  • We also shot a music video for our first single from the record for a song called “Nothingness”. Tentative release date for the single is February 23rd! Keep an eye out!
  • We also have some tours in the works for the latter half of the year after the new record comes out! More info to come!
  • Thanks for checking in! See ya soon!

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