Knockin' Bones


Knockin’ Bones was founded by Marc Alan (formerly of Bass Line Bums) at the end of 2014 after the Bums split up. Marc soon thereafter asked Dylan to join the band as they had been speaking about playing music together for years. Knockin’ Bones recorded a 4 song EP in February 2015 and hit the road soon thereafter. After two years of touring and playing local shows, Knockin’ Bones recorded their side of a 12 inch split with Buried Cities titled “Tried and True” along with their first European tour to support the vinyl. Knockin’ Bones also went on an extended hiatus in 2017 while Dylan pursued his solo career, Marc pursued his solo career and Nathan pursued his band The Butts. Knockin’ Bones still get together to play a few times a year, most recently in January 2019. Get your Knockin’ Bones fix below!

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