Revenants/Buried Cities


Revenants was formed in 2010 by Dylan and Allen Dennard (the former lead singer). Revenants released a six song EP that hit Austin by storm. In 2011 Allen left the band and Dylan stepped up as the lead vocalist. In 2013 Revenants became Buried Cities in accordance with the release of their debut self-titled full length album. In 2016 Buried Cities released their second full length album titled “The Good Fight” and embarked on their first European tour in support of the record. In 2017 Buried Cities released a split vinyl with Knockin' Bones (another band Dylan was in at the time) titled “Leaps and Bounds” with another European tour to support the record. In 2017 Buried Cities was put on an indefinite hiatus while Dylan focused on his latest solo album and the rest of the band pursued other things in life. You can listen to and download all Buried Cities and Revenants releases by clicking the link below.

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