Dylan Disaster is a solo artist originally from Long Island, NY but now based in Austin, TX. When not rolling solo, he's accompanied by his band, The Revelry. Between 2010 and 2019 Dylan was the front man/guitar player for Buried Cities, the guitar player/background vocalist for both Knockin' Bones and Nowherebound, and the drummer for Street Lions. During this time he began branching out with solo shows and writing acoustic songs. In 2014 Dylan pushed his solo project closer to the foreground of his musical aspirations with the release of his debut solo album. In 2015 Dylan began touring extensively overseas and stateside with all of the bands he was playing in as well as an acoustic artist. As a solo artist though, the opportunity for growth, new experiences and creative freedom seemed too infinite to not explore so in 2019 it became his main focus as he had departed from all of his other musical projects and released his second solo album 'Remission'. Dylan describes playing acoustic music and writing a solo record as an opportunity to be wholly and truly himself. Dylan’s songs range from stripped down acoustic tracks to big sing-a-long anthemic punk bangers akin to The Bouncing Souls. With the mentality, heart, experience, drive, energy and presence of a punk rock band, Dylan brings his own brand to the singer/songwriter genre.