1. Nothingness

From the recordings All Roads and Nothingness

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Engineered by Pete Steinkopf at Little Eden
Mixed by Pete Steinkopf at West Eden
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting room


For the dreams that never died
Just forgot and hung out to dry
And wilt away, every day
It seems they’ll never bloom again

And for the change that never came
Full of promise washed away
To emptiness because we lost our grip
And we couldn’t find our strength again

And through the thick, through the thin
To the brink and back again
Where nothing exists but loneliness
And I never wanted it to end like this

And then it hits and I’m wondering if
I just wanted a taste of it on my lips
Did I need to chew, follow through
Let it sink into my stomach where it sits

Like nothingness

For the ghosts that go unknown
Who want to scream but are scared to choke
On the words they spoke, promises broke
The undying fear we all wind up alone

And then it slips
Through tightened lips
Just a whisper in the distance
If you listen, it’s only there for but an instant

Then it’s gone, gone, gone
Drowned out by the static of the song
And all that’s wrong
And all the longing to belong

But then we lost our voice, and we made our choice
And we couldn’t break free from the noise
So, it came to this, a parting gift
One last chance to change before we start to drift

Into something less
Like nothingness

For one last glance at redemption
Before it fades and goes unmentioned
And hides away on darker days
Until nothing left remains

And like shadows bury faces
Moments get wasted
Memories get replaced with
Something less
Like nothingness

We’d save our souls
But for how long
Before truth gets washed
And virtue is worn