The Revelry is a band comprised of some of Austin's finest musicians and raddest people that accompany Dylan on stage, in the studio, in the practice space and in life. Scroll for more info on these fine folks.

Guido Crimes

Acoustic Guitar/ Background Vocals

Guido, a seasoned musician and Dylan's right hand man. He's a former member of bands such as The Booked, The Hudson Falcons and Threes Away. 

William Thomas Days The Fifth

Lead Guitar/Background Vocals

Will is a Californian transplant, multi-instrumentalist, lefty (mostly) and an all around bad ass. Arguably the most skilled and versatile musician of the bunch, so much so that Will actually first joined the band as the drummer but his guitar and vocal abilities were too phenomenal to go unused. Will's old bands include Belligerence and Ready, Steady, Go! His current projects include AstroGatDespero, and Starving Wolves.

Nathan Holman

Bass/Background Vocals

Nathan is a former bandmate of Dylan's from when they played in Knockin' Bones together. Nathan was also the guitar player for The Butts. Him and Dylan took mushrooms together in Virginia Beach once, ask him about it.

Marc-Alan Prince


Marc-Alan is a long time friend of the band and former band mate of Dylan and Nathan's from Knockin' Bones days. Marc-Alan currently plays drums in Avenues and has his own solo project to keep an eye on.