From the recording Remission

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Dylan Disaster - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar

Austin Mitchell - Bass, backup vocals

Jordan Leake - Lead guitar

Ky Williams - Drums

Jon Sanchez - Keys


I was born and raised just west of Babylon
On the north corner of 13th and fifth
On the same street that grandma Jules is on
Up the block from where my cousins lived

In my early days
I'd hear music playing
From the garage outside my window
Dad was always listening to the dead

Later on
He never changed the song
He just moved down to the basement
Yea, he's probably down there today

Oh, where'd the time go?

I remember days
On South Long Island
Playing hockey in the streets
I listened to Movielife
And played punk rock with my friends
Never thought those days would end

And in our glory days
We would bathe
In the sunlight in September
I always loved the way the seasons changed

And I was once young
And deep in love
And every day lasted forever
I used to want things to stay the same

But oh, I had to let it go

I remember days
On South Long Island
Smoking weed down by the docks
We listened to Stryder
And made the best of what we got
Whether if what we got was the best or not

It ain't easy
It ain't hard
But to make the journey
First you gotta start
And I don't know
What lies ahead
I'm just trying to be grateful for
All the places that I've been

Cause I remember nights
On South Long Island
My Mother worked herself to death
But she was strong for us
When we didn't even know what strength was
And I know she will be till the end

As the years pass
Me and J still laugh
Looking back on South Long Island
Putting down Buds and thinking about old friends
And so it goes
As we grow old
We'll always have a place that we called home